My First Playbook Blog Post

I call this my Playbook blog, because my angle to commenting the world around me as a professional is that of a strategy analyst

This is my very first post. I created this web site as the home base of me as an independent professional, complementing the social media services like Facebook (friends), LinkedIn (mostly past work colleagues), and Twitter (mostly my random retweets of interesting or funny tweets that have appeared in my own Twitter feed).

I call this my Playbook blog, because my angle to commenting the world around me as a professional is that of a strategy analyst. I have spent the last 7 years of my career as a market and competitor intelligence analyst in the strategy functions of Nokia and Microsoft, so I will likely continue with the analytical angle, looking at the plays of key players and  pointing out business opportunities and trends. Before the last roles, I had a long career in product management/marketing, technology scouting, consulting, research and development roles at Nokia, Cap Gemini, and KONE. Mostly I have been a bleeding edge technologist developing application areas for the emerging technologies in my various roles, hence I have a lot of affinity with startups although my career has been in the big corporations until now.

Although I might have juicy stories from the past in the big corporations, I will focus on the future in this blog. So, while I may occasionally want to comment on the current mobile device market and its players, I will do it in a forward looking manner. I plan to write also about other topics that I have researched and that I find interesting. For example, in the last six months since leaving Microsoft, I have been developing startup ideas in the areas of home based healthcare for the elderly and culture edutainment for travellers, professionals and immigrants, the former inspired by the recent passing away of my father and the latter from the same as well as the recent refugee crisis. I may share some of the related research and learnings at some point. But mostly new stuff.

Last but not least, the whole point of this blog is to discover people, organisations, and companies, who may be interested in similar topics and may want to collaborate with me professionally. I hope there will be interaction in the comments field to my posts, social media interaction, as well direct contacts that may lead to us working together in the future, hence the Work with me – page, where you can find out how to get in touch with me. For the Finns out there, Finnish is my native tongue, but I chose to write this blog in English for relevance to  a wider audience. Let’s collaborate!


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